How to Sell Hip Hop Beats Easily

Published: 14th May 2010
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Sell Hip Hop Beats Fast
by Kyle "HB" Artzt


I go by the name HB and I want to help you beat makers learn how to Sell Hip Hop Beats online. Honestly, I have to say that selling beats online has been easier for me than many of the other types of businesses I've tried running on the internet, so don't doubt yourself.

In my experiences of marketing different websites on the internet, I think that promoting myself on Soundclick and MySpace as a beat maker has proven to be the easiest business I've run.

Making really dope beats is the first step to selling beats online, promoting is actually less important for the time being. It sounds like some obvious stuff, but this is why many producers fail before they even start. Don't promote yourself until you know, beyond a reasonable doubt, that your beats will sell.

Honestly, you don't need to be the best producer or beat maker in order to sell beats on the internet. But having said that, your beats definitely DO need to be "sellable". Don't kill your chances of making a substantial income online by promoting yourself before you're ready.

You need to get good at making beats that rappers really, really can't go without. The types of beats that sell the fastest are R&B, Club, Sampled and Hardcore beats. I can't tell you why this is how it is, it's simply what I've come to find. I make beats that fit in those genres almost every time before posting it on the net because I understand that they'll sell. I have tried selling dozens of genres of beats and those are what do it for me. Dirty South beats are also extremely possible if you can pull them off without sounding totally generic. Ask rappers who have great quality if they like your beats. That's a good way to tell if you're ready.

Once you have some hot beats, you need to promote them effectively in order to sell them. The best places to promote your beats include Soundclick, MySpace, MyBeatShop and RocBattle. The problem with RocBattle and MyBeatShop is that they're websites made to attract producers more than rappers... This means that your target audience may be harder to find.

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