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Published: 10th June 2010
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There are thousands of producers world wide trying to sell beats fast, struggling to find a new source of income from their beats, and with the rise of the digital era some believe that it's becoming impossible to sell beats without the use of a record label. Since back in the "good old days" everybody flocked to labels in order to make a few bucks, nowadays people are having some serious trouble adjusting.

Beat selling on the internet has become an absolute phenomenon in the music production industry as modern technologies are being developed and making beats is becoming easier and more affordable. The best bet for up and coming artists is use the internet in order to sell beats directly to independent hip hop artists and rappers who aren't signed and still need beats desperately.

It may seem like it's simply too hard or perhaps not logical to move to the internet but believe me, the age of physical products is dying fast while the digital market place is growing at an exponential rate. Getting into business online can be simple, easy and down right obvious.

First of all, if you don't have a Soundclick account yet then that's the first thing you need to do... Sign up. You can get a free account if you don't want to upgrade to a VIP account (which is well worth the price), but no matter what you should at least be signed up to that website. You can secure your production name so that nobody can take it in the event that you decide to start promoting yourself.

I love Soundclick because not only is it without a doubt the largest network of producers in the world, but it's also arguably the most populated website for rappers and hip hop artists as well. With over 1.4 million rappers signed up to Soundclick, it is definitely the best storefront on the entire internet for those trying to sell beats directly to artists. The trick is to get them to buy from you instead of the other producers.

Most people can't think past the obvious, which in this case would be to sell exclusive rights to your beats to record labels and publishing companies. Though this may be quick money, it's not nearly as sustainable because it's extremely difficult to land a good placement. Why not sell your beats 50 times or 100 times to individual rappers for a low price instead of selling exclusive rights one time and losing that beat forever? You can keep your ownership of the beat and give them the right to sell a few thousand units.

Wouldn't you rather sell one beat 50 times at $25 a piece than sell it one time for $1,000? Also, since you'd only be selling limited rights to your beats, it's well within your power to sell exclusive rights as well at the end of it all.

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