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Published: 03rd June 2010
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Beat makers all over the world are consistently struggling to find knowledge on How to Sell Beats, yet almost nobody seems to get past the idea of selling beats to record labels. The problem is, with the digital revolution at hand, it's become highly competitive for producers around the world. Since almost anybody can afford a beat making program and with the turn of new technologies, more and more producers are popping up all over the place and they're all trying to sell to one group... Record labels.

Since thousands of producers are popping up around the world it's quickly becoming a fascination for beat makers to pursue the independent online beat store as a source of recurring monthly income. Even that market is now highly competitive, but at least business is booming enough so that it seems there are endless possibilities.

Rappers and Hip Hop artists internationally are turning to websites like Soundclick, MySpace, RocBattle and MyBeatShop to find the instrumentals needed to create an album or hone their skills as a at-home studio engineer. Since even major artists like 50 Cent are buying beats off these websites for their upcoming album, it's easy to see that online Beat Selling is becoming a seductive enterprise that everybody is picking up on.

There are a few reasons why so many artists are flocking towards these websites to both buy and sell beats, one of which being price. Even hugely famous artists can see a price tag and a high value, which is part of the reason why the online market is growing so quickly. Why pay big time producers tens of thousands of dollars or more for a beat that sounds half as good as a beat bought off Soundclick?

When a rapper goes on the internet to purchase some rap beats, they're going to be discussing terms with the producer directly, one on one. You don't have to go through the middle men of record labels or fly through a fat process of twists and turns in order to get a beat. With a record label, there's always long negotiations... With independent producers, it's simply faster and more efficient.

Selling beats online is definitely the wave of the future, and any hip hop producer alive should at least have a few accounts on the top beat selling websites to not rule out the possibility of making good money. It's as simple as uploading your beats (Soundclick is the very best website for beat sellers) and promoting your page.

Though sites like RocBattle and MyBeatShop may seem like the best place to start because they have easy-to-use beat stores set up, I would think again. These sites are built for producers, not rappers, meaning that you are promoting yourself to other beat makers, not rappers. On Soundclick there are well over 1.4 million rappers online, so your target audience is sitting there on the website itself. Promoting on Soundclick is much more efficient than promoting on other arbitrary beat selling sites for this reason.

Don't forget that learning How to Sell Beats on the internet is one of the fastest and best ways for you to make an income as an up and coming producer. Do not underestimate the power of selling beats and don't trick yourself into thinking that it's impossible. It's very possible and many producers, including myself, are making FULL TIME incomes from the internet this way. Visit the links in the paragraph below (my resource box) and download the eBooks to learn more.

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