Sell Beats On Soundclick Like A Beast

Published: 04th October 2010
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Many people under estimate the fact that learning how to sell beats on Soundclick is easily the strongest website online for music producers who are trying to get into the game by selling rap instrumentals for relatively low prices (such as $100-$1,000 per beat). What's funny is, to most people that kind of money would sound great... But professionals know, you can get a whole lot more than that for beats in today's market.

If you want to sell beats online and get a kick start in the beat selling world, this website is definitely the place to start. It's smart, full of rappers and it has plenty of producers online who can help you get to where you want to be.The truth of the matter is, more people are trying to buy beats on websites such as Soundclick than any other venue in the world. This is because there are so many small-time rappers in the world who desperately want to make music and need beats.

You need to get into the right frame of mind if you expect to make some serious money selling beats online, though. You need to understand that exclusive sales aren't the only type, and in fact: online you should be going after non exclusive sales. This means that you can sell the beat over and over again without ever having to give up full ownership. Leasing for $25-$50 per is a great way to make some change on the internet. Just remember that you need to reserve the right to re-sell until exclusives are sold.

The best way to leverage sales is to have several options available, and whenever anybody contacts you asking for one of the options, always try to get them to upgrade. "You want Leasing Rights? How about Semi-Exclusives instead? Not semi-exclusives? You should get Exclusive Rights instead..." Understand? Most people believe it's about having some sort of advantage or it's about having a fan base or something. It's not. It's about doing the best you can with the visitors you already got. You don't need to get more visitors in most cases, you just have to leverage sales correctly.

You can also use websites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to promote your Soundclick. The reason you want to promote your Soundclick more than any other website is because of it's charts system. Rising in the charts on this website is considered to be one of the only forms of hope for producers trying to establish themselves online without the use of a record label. You can get some "light" from this website if you use it correctly, and you can really establish a great big name for yourself along the process.

All of this is easier than you think, you just have to get into the mind set of a beat seller who is trying to make money as a professional. You can ball out on Soundclick easily as long as you know how to make it happen. You're not going to have a bad time selling beats if you understand what it's worth and you know how to gather fans. Just get an artist to work with you, rap over your beats and shout you out in the intro. Promote their songs...This will get you plenty of sales because as the artist's songs spread throughout the net, so does your name and your fame.

In the end, selling beats on Soundclick may just be a lot easier than you think. If you start now you can seriously ball out on Soundclick by the end of this year, as long as you promote yourself right and you get started. If you fail the first time, make another Soundclick website under a different name and try again. God knows, that's what I did when my first company failed.

Click this link, join the mailing list and ball: Sell Beats on Soundclick. For the advanced info, go here: Selling Beats Online and what it can do for you.

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