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Published: 30th June 2010
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You don't need to listen to your parents who tell you every morning to get a real job... You know you're sitting on a gold mine and the younger generation is dominating a new market! 80% of all producers on Soundclick who are pulling in a full time income selling beats are in their teens.

Old school beat makers can definitely still compete, it's simply that more kids understand the internet in complex terms. Adults of the older generations don't necessarily have computer skills because they didn't have to grow up with many computers around. You can set up a website online and get designers to do most of the easy coding work. You can even get started for free with one of their free accounts.

A lot of websites online claim to really be great but I only believe in two. I use Soundclick and I would also suggest using BeatSwagger. Soundclick is the beat there is, though.

Soundclick is literally full of rappers and all of them use the site to find beats. Literally 1.4 million rappers are signed up to this site and all of them use the charts to find free downloads and to purchase beats. I like BeatSwagger because it's got a load of quality hits from the search engines like Google. It basically dominates any and all SEO in the rapper/beat maker realm.

RocBattle is cool I suppose but I never really use it for much. You need to realize that you're competing among producers though and not a lot of rappers even visit that site, so it's harder to sell beats.

I recommend BeatSwagger but I actually don't use the website. My thing is to combine MySpace and Soundclick promotion. The charts on Soundclick weigh in big time.

The charts on SC are well known for their ability to make a producer semi famous. Big plays and huge amounts of promotion can definitely make you feel the warmth of the spotlight. If you're in the top 5 on Soundclick, you're pulling in 40,000-80,000 plays per day.

All those plays are from musicians and people trying to listen to music, that at least is for sure. Many of those plays are from the producers and rappers who are signed up on the site, though. In fact, since the rappers on Soundclick always need beats, they look to the Beats charts to find them. The viral promotion on Soundclick is extraordinary! If you start flying up in the charts you really fly.

I believe that Soundclick should be considered the new wave of funds for producers all over. Even famous, mainstream producers could move to Soundclick and rack in some serious extra profits. The website brings in thousands every month for myself and hundreds of other producers.

Soundclick is the medium for all producers who are trying to sell beats on the internet. If you are serious about what you're doing you need to move to Soundclick immediately, if not for a paid account at least get the free membership. It's a great site and it's worth it's weight in gold.

If you want to learn more about how to sell beats online and make some serious cash from Soundclick, I would go to and at least sign up for the free mailing list. If you want to learn the advanced material fast, you need to purchase the eBooks, but that's up to you. The mailing list is free and you'll receive tips weekly.

If you want to Sell Beats, then visit or click the links in this paragraph to make your Beats Sell.

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